Real Estate / Real Property Law

David W. King, P.L., Attorney at Law, provides legal advice, drafting and representation of buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, lenders, borrowers, owners and other persons, corporations and partnerships regarding the following legal matters affecting real estate (real property) in Florida:

  • Sale and purchase (contract for sale, contract for purchase, contract for exchange, deed, affidavit, and closing/settlement services for land, buildings, and homes);
  • Settlement Services and Title Insurance;
  • Lease (land, buildings and homes);
  • Contracts (easement, license, assignment, covenants, restrictions and other agreements involving real estate);
  • Construction (contracts, defects, mechanics and construction liens, and payment disputes);
  • Loans (mortgage, note, closing, satisfaction, foreclosure, and release);
  • Litigation of real estate matters (breach of contract, specific performance, mortgage foreclosure, boundary dispute, quiet title, and tenant eviction); and
  • Landlord/Tenant representation.